Promovarea activităților economice ale membrilor AOAMP

Promoting the economic activities of MBA members

MBA represents, promotes and supports the economic and legal interests of the members, in order to develop their activities sustainably and efficiently.

Dezvoltarea culturii antreprenoriale

Developing entrepreneurial culture

Ensuring access to updated economic, political and social information needed to develop entrepreneurial activity and effective business management.

Facilitating access to finance for business development

Capitalizing national and European funding opportunities by providing access to consolidated information and advice on funding programs.

Visibility of small producers and regional economic development

Raising awareness of the potential and contribution of small businesses and local farmers to the development of rural communities and the region’s economy.

Strengthening public-private and associative dialogue and creating partnerships

Promoting the process of public debate, engaging and consulting entrepreneurs in public policy development and ensuring transparency in decision-making.