Alexei Repede: Moldova between natural and political cataclysms

… just some of the dirty games of the state leadership, so-called sovereign and independent – the Republic of Moldova. In the midst of a declared pandemic (in whose interest it will be), an interest that is yet to be brought or not brought into the public eye, it is certain that the entire population suffers. On the government scene, public health is declared a priority, and behind the curtain ….

Definitely the current government does not act for the welfare of the people.

A leader takes care of his people, especially when he has a fight to fight. You need to find the best strategy to get the best result with the least losses. There are no leaders in Moldova to fight. Otherwise we were not where we are now.

Some still hoped that the “elite” that leads us, but also those who willingly offered them this place, they will realize the gravity of the moment and, in addition to the fight against the current crisis, they will focus on a real plan for the return of the country, for all directions – the health system, the economic field, politics, but also morality.

Unfortunately, following the evolution of recent events, it is understood that even during the emergency, rulers and politicians, regardless of party or doctrine, are primarily interested in their problems and arrangements and that no one has a solution.

How else can the following examples be interpreted?

  • The Prime Minister tells us that the dozens of trucks transporting wheat for export do not threaten the country’s food security, this in the conditions in which the Minister of Agriculture requested a ban on the export of wheat. In fact, we find out that the data on state wheat reserves are secret data and that citizens do not have access to such data, we must trust the authorities…Wheat is exported en masse in the conditions in which lately we are facing drought, a phenomenon that will lead to a reduction of about 40-50% of the harvest. We export en masse and then import as much. The price of wheat has already risen in recent days, we will certainly feel an increase in the chain of bakery products, it remains to be seen when prices will rise.

Source: Facebook – Oca Leonid, the silo from Călărași.

  • Today, when the majority of small entrepreneurs struggle not to go bankrupt, MPs continue to prioritize benefits in Parliament over credit from the Russian Federation for political capital. During the pandemic, geopolitics has no place, and the authorities should understand that support for SMEs is needed now. Ignorance and incompetence remain on the agenda.
  • In the middle of the pandemic, a President of the Constitutional Court is fired and another is appointed on the same evening.The division of spheres of influence at the Constitutional Court will generate new conflicts, which will deepen the crisis towards which the Republic of Moldova is heading.
  • State agencies and level I and II public authorities continue to make unnecessary public procurement of hundreds of thousands of lei:

Phenomena … The Republic of Moldova is experiencing phenomena. True natural, economic and interpersonal cataclysms.

As long as we accept actors who seek to accumulate political capital on account of the current situation, we sink more and more into the swamp of the created chaos.

While some try to be politicians, we, the people of the country and those of the diaspora, we are waiting for an evolution, a strategy to fight for the welfare of the Republic of Moldova, a set of laws with concrete economic measures, extensive infrastructure development programs, which will absorb the unemployed (the number of which will still be constantly growing) and which will reduce the development gap. Waiting or in action? Everyone decides for him.

The victims of the current crisis are not just those in hospitals, for which I am extremely sorry. Physical, mental and spiritual health is what we deserve to fight for. But the victims of the economic crisis will be many more and we will be shaken to the ground.
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