Give hope

‘‘You can make someone happy ... Donate Home!’’


The latest news about the Give Hope project


We need your support  in order to help people from social vulnerable communities

Where next?

Tell us about the problems of the social center from your city. We want to get to your locality too!

Closer to people in difficulty.
Fundamental human rights must also be ensured for people in socially vulnerable categories.

Vulnerable categories: children, young people, adults at risk, people with disabilities or special needs, poor people, need extra attention and care. The project “Give hope” is about actions that bring warmth and help for people in situations of social vulnerability, to those who are in placement centers in the Republic of Moldova.

places where some people in difficulty can find a home. At the same time, few of these institutions manage to obtain the necessary financing for a good operation to provide the necessary services at the best level.


“The importance of the activity of social workers in the Republic of Moldova and of all the persons involved in the provision of social services is undeniable and very valuable. At the same time, the whole civil society must know and recognize that even far away the localities in the country cannot provide access to a home and the necessary support for all persons belonging to socially vulnerable groups. We need to promote social responsibility in the communities we belong to.

This is why we encourage civic involvement in supporting older people in nursing homes and children in placement centers who need extra help and attention,”says Alexei REPEDE, President of AOAMP.

Every elderly person has the right to enjoy a home, a secure daily menu and the warmth of a protected space. Contribute, by donation, to the meals of persons in the nursing homes or other placement centers.