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Diaspora Business Connection

We encourage entrepreneurship and we aim to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs from the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova through information, consultation, promotion and connection.

The need for support for the Moldovans’ community abroad is more and more stringent. The launch of the DBC – Diaspora Business Connection project came as a response to the many requests of Moldovan entrepreneurs to the AOAMP. Thus, even if there is an entrepreneurial initiative, Moldovans in the diaspora encounter a series of impediments that cause them to quit.

The objectives of the project are:

Information and Knowledge Transfer for StartUp and Business Development (ScaleUp);

Exploitation of opportunities for entrepreneurship development by accessing financing funds;

Encouraging cooperation between Moldovan entrepreneurs and creating partnerships;

Promoting international cooperation, especially between foreign and Moldovan companies.

In order to achieve the objectives, AOAMP aims to carry out activities in the states where there are the most numerous Moldovan communities, such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, etc.

The project will be carried out according to an agenda tailored to the realities and needs of the diaspora entrepreneurs, each country being treated uniquely.