About business opportunities for the Moldovan community in Milan

Milan was the second destination for organizing the event dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and business to business connections, as well as of the public ones, for the Moldovan community from the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova to Italy.

On July 6th, within the 2nd edition of the DBC – Diaspora Business Connection, the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association  gathered members of the Moldovan society in Milan who want to start a business in Italy or the Republic of Moldova, as well as citizens have already built a business in Milan. The increased interest for DBC Milan was due to the economic nature of the event, namely, the concrete details of how to launch and develop a business in Italy. In addition, there were presented succinct information about the opportunities and the risks of developing a business in the Republic of Moldova.

The goal of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association was to connect the members of the Moldovan community in Milan and to encourage them to consolidate their forces, because together only a good result can be achieved for all. The presentation of a real situation of the business environment in the Republic of Moldova by the President of the AOAMP – Alexei Repede, was appreciated by all the participants in the event because the latter faced an informational failure regarding the situation of the business sector in the country.

During the event, there were B2B discussions, interactions with representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Italy, signing of partnerships and premiers. The Association of Moldovan Businessmen Abroad provided a financial support of 5000 Euros for Mrs. Maria Bantaş, who proposed to develop an agrotourism business in the locality of the native village of Pelinia, Drochia district. At the same time, Maria Bantaş set the goal of launching a business in Milan that would allow it to promote agri-food products and not only from the Republic of Moldova on the Italian market.

The event participants, who need information and logistical support for business development, have been invited to formulate and register the topic of interest on the platform of the Moldovan Business People Association from all over the world, Diaspora Business Help online service. The registered applications will be evaluated and connected according to the field of interest with the AOAMP partners to identify possible solutions. At the same time, AOAMP launched with SAVA Studio a number of free consultations for representatives of the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova in Italy, namely those interested in launching a business in Italy as well as for entrepreneurs who need financial and fiscal advice .