The agricultural investment potential of the North region of the Republic of Moldova, totalized in Ungheni

The districts of Edineț, Sîngerei, Drochia and Ungheni were the host of the 4 events organized between August 6 and 9, at the initiative of the president of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association – Alexei Repede, within the campaign DAR – Regional Agricultural Dialogue.

The president of AOAMP invited agricultural producers to dialogue, to address the regional opportunities and risks of the agri-food sector in the Republic of Moldova, including to identify potential investment projects at the level of each region.

The DAR event held in Edineț brought together the districts of Edineț, Briceni, Ocnița and Dondușeni. The issues discussed during the dialogue between AOAMP – representatives of LPAs – and agricultural producers were related to the reduced access to the retail market, the price of the domestic product and the need to protect the producer from the Republic of Moldova. Here, there has been an increased interest in efficient association models and, in particular, in the mutual benefits. The big problem facing the farmers is, however, the mistrust of each other and implicitly, in collaboration. The mistrust is also pronounced with regard to public policies, which have no financial coverage even far according to the needs of the agri-food sector.

The DAR Sîngerei event, organized on August 7, brought agricultural producers from the districts of Sîngerei, Floresti and Soldanesti to the dialogue. Numerous issues were debated and discussed, feeling the complexity of the situation in which the farmers in the area are currently. Among the topics addressed at the meeting in Sîngerei were:

  • Sustainable agriculture and the protection of natural resources and soil must become a national priority;
  • Development of model households;
  • The lack of a laboratory that certifies the quality of agri-food products;
  • Subsidy per hectare (which is expected to be implemented only in 2020);
  • Priority to the local product, when purchasing agri-food products for schools and kindergartens;
  • The agriculture is done in the Republic of Moldova without insuring the risks of agricultural production, the distrust in the insurance services being caused by the advantageous conditions only for the insurer, not for the farmer.

In this context, the president of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, Alexei Repede, mentioned that the national policies should be oriented towards conditioning the consumption of local agri-food products and, in particular, to encourage farmers through real financing measures, that correspond to the needs of the agricultural environment.

The farmers from the districts of Drochia, Râșcani, Soroca and Bălți were present at the event on August 8, organized in Drochia. The formation of the LAGs has been a topic of major interest for farmers, as there are already local action groups in the region, and the local communities really want to get involved in the development of local and regional projects, at this time there is a chance of revitalization of the localities of the Republic of Moldova. The most pressing problem is the filling of the public budget to meet the many regional needs and separately for the consistent subsidization of stimulating the agriculture, the farmer and the local agri-food product.
The DAR Campaign – Regional Agricultural Dialogue, ended the series of regional events, in Ungheni, on August 9th. Representatives of the agri-food entrepreneurial environment from the districts of Ungheni, Nisporeni, Falesti and Glodeni participated in the dialogue at the closing event, 11th in number. The relevant public authorities were represented by the secretaries of state:
  • Vasile Luca: State Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Republic of Moldova
  • Alexandru Valentin Țachianu: State Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Romania
Several topics of interest were addressed, such as: the level of subsidies well below the real ceiling needed for farmers; the enormous damage brought by the weather in May in the Ungheni district; non-compliance with the use of chemicals in the agricultural process, with harmful impact on the soil, but more seriously on the consumer, as well as other complaints.
The DAR event from Ungheni ended with the presentation of the draft resolution, of the regional challenges identified during the DAR Campaign. Alexei Repede, president of AOAMP, pointed out the priority issues identified in the dialogue with the representatives of the entrepreneurial environment in the Republic of Moldova, within the 11 regional events and the directions of action needed to be taken.
LPA* = Local Public Authorities
LAG* = Local Action Groups