Alexei Repede, MBA: We continue the actions to relaunch the country’s agriculture. We have officially launched the Partnership for Sustainable Rural Development Program in Romania and Moldova

In continuation of the activities undertaken so far and taking into account the priority sectors for the Republic of Moldova, on 28 September this year, in Bucharest, the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association (MBA),  MBA headed by President Alexei Repede in partnership with the National Federation PRO AGRO , Romania, represented by President Emil Dumitru, have jointly launched with the National Federation of Farmers in Moldova the project “Partnership for the Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment of Romania and the Republic of Moldova”.

The representatives of the organizations pointed out that many projects could be carried out in the agricultural field, because the Republic of Moldova has a huge agricultural potential. Unfortunately, to date, the Moldovan government has neglected the sector, leaving the entire production chain degraded – from earth-moving machines to the capitalisation of indigenous products on foreign markets. Future leaders, those who will be in charge will have to take responsibility for valorising on the Moldovan agricultural potential.

In addition to promoting cross-border cooperation of farmers in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, the project aims to promote investments in agriculture. In order to save the Moldovan agricultural sector, the identification and efficient use of investment projects in agriculture is extremely necessary.

The “Partnership for Sustainable Rural Development in Romania and the Republic of Moldova” project includes actions that will contribute to the achievement of objectives such as boosting the interaction of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, in order to identify common projects and solutions within the UFMR Cross-border Forum – Moldovan and Romanian Farmers’ Union.

Also, the project will ensure cross-border promotion of farmers and good practices through the online communication platform –

Another objective of the project is the promotion of native agricultural products and the facilitation of access to the European market and the increase of the agricultural research, development and innovation potential.

Thus, in November, in Chisinau, the UFMR Cross-border Agricultural Forum – Union of Farmers from Moldova and Romania will be organized. During the event, about 100 farmers (25 from Romania, 75 from Moldova) and representatives of the Romanian and Moldovan authorities will jointly address the challenges of the agri-food sector.

In order to facilitate cooperation, forum participants will have different themes of activity. These will be based on the priority sectors: viticulture; fruits and vegetables; cereals and oilseeds; animal husbandry (cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs, fish, bees); food industry and product promotion; young entrepreneurs. The working groups will define the most important issues for each sector and identify feasible solutions for diminishing them with concrete short-term actions as well as medium-term objectives.

Moreover, within the project “Partnership for the sustainable development of the rural environment in Romania and the Republic of Moldova”, the first joint platform for the promotion and cooperation of farmers from the Republic of Moldova and Romania –, Union of Farmers of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.