Alexei Repede met businessmen from Germany

From November 3-4, 2016, the President of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, Alexei Repede had a working visit to Germany.

During the visit, the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association’s (MBA) president, met with Mr. Alexei Baraboi, MBA’s representative from Germany. Together with Mr. Baraboi, the delegation met businessmen in the cities of Berlin, Potsdam and Oranienburg.

Entrepreneurs established in Germany have formed a unified and consolidated community. They operate and support each other, collaborate in areas of complementary interest. Moreover, the economic results they record are very good, each of them managing a successful company. The areas in which the members of the MBA community in Germany have consolidated are: real estate, construction and renovation, commerce, gastronomy, hotel services, medical services, consultancy services, etc.

During the meeting a series of important issues were discussed, with an impact on Moldovan citizens. Like the other members of the diaspora, members of the MBA community in Germany are carefully following their home situation. They are very disappointed with the economic evolution and the environment in which their relatives and friends are living at home. Every year, the situation is getting worse, unbearable living conditions, corruption and thefts have erased the last hope for the better. Social services in Moldova are deplorable, as are salaries and pensions. All the attempts so far to invest in projects in the Republic of Moldova were doomed to failure due to the unfavourable home climate, economic and fiscal instability, corruption and lobbying. All the political class is part of the corrupt system that no longer inspires credibility. They all ruined the country and did not take responsibility for the wrongdoing. In the absence of a serious alternative and in the current poll, the voter has to choose the lowest evil.

Even if they have been in Germany for a long time, businessmen are determined to improve the situation in Moldova, to invest in priority areas for their native country, to give hope to Moldovans. In this sense, they all emphasized the importance of cooperation between the diaspora businessmen and concluded that it is the best time for the Moldovan entrepreneurs from all over the world to find and collaborate with each other in order to support and to take actions for the good of Moldovans.

Businessmen have highlighted that due to working on the developed markets, they’ve were able to implement projects at very high Western standards. They have accumulated the necessary capacity and experience to bring these projects home, especially as Moldova is in great need of such projects. They are all interested in the economic growth and welfare of the Republic of Moldova.

After meetings that lasted two days, President of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association,  Mr. Alexei Repede, together with the German partners, concluded that through the organization they will cooperate to strengthen the MBA’s priorities. It was emphasized that the platform for ensuring the connection between Moldovan businessmen from all over the world will be created as soon as possible.

In addition to its economic and business skills, the Moldovan entrepreneurs community is very involved in civic engagement. That’s why it’s time to act. If people who are now at home do not have the will or resources needed, MBA will be seriously involved in improving the situation at home.