Cooperation for investments in agriculture in the Republic of Moldova and Romania

Cooperation for the development of agriculture in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, the identification of potential cross-border projects, as well as strategic investments, were the topics that were discussed in Bucharest, during the meeting on February 11th, at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).

The partner of the Regional Agricultural Dialogue – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) from Romania, contributed with expertise and exchange of know-how.

The Regional Agricultural Dialogue project brought together more than 700 representatives of the agricultural sector from the Republic of Moldova in 11 regional events, including central and local authorities and public institutions, which together with MADR experts mapped the realities of the agri-food sector. The challenges and solutions identified through public consultation and dialogue can be found in the DAR campaign resolution, were presented in detail to the relevant Ministry of the Republic of Moldova.

The participants at the UFMR Forum – the Farmers’ Union of the Republic of Moldova and Romania, in the first edition, in Chisinau, confirmed the need and the usefulness of a unique information, communication and promotion platform for creating connections and facilitating partnerships among agricultural entrepreneurs and producer associations, to capitalize on investment opportunities in agriculture.

In the continuation of the actions that will bring direct benefits to the entrepreneurs from the agri-food sector in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, Iacob Cerlat, the secretary general of AOAMP, presented to the attention of the MADR representatives who attended the meeting, the invitation to set up a mixed working group, for the elaboration and the development of a strategic program: “Support for agricultural cooperation Romania – Republic of Moldova”.One of the priority directions identified and which requires strategic investments will be the livestock sector.

MADR representatives offered the opening and assurance of the institutional help in order to support the initiative. Romania’s experience in the process of developing Romanian agriculture and domestic product has undergone a considerable evolution, but it has also registered obstacles. All these can be exploited by farmers and producers’ associations in the Republic of Moldova.

George Scarlat, Secretary of State at MADR, emphasized the priority interest of farmers and agricultural processors, namely access to markets. This objective should be the aim of the joint actions that are going to be undertaken, and the development of inclusive and sustainable value chains in agriculture is still one of the priorities of the ministry’s policies.

Aurel Simion, secretary of state at MADR, encouraged the initiative for cooperation, and among the recommendations offered he pointed out about the small producers that should not be neglected as well as the need to promote the domestic agricultural product.

At the same time, about the importance of the MADR advisory in order to identify the European budgetary sources for the implementation of the initiatives dedicated to the cooperation in agriculture in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, pointed Olga Postovanu, coordinator of the AOAMP projects department.

Worldwide Moldovan Business Association brings thanks to the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for openness and interest in carrying out joint actions, which will bring development to the agri-food sector and to the benefits of farmers in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.