DAR – how do we ensure the development of agriculture and farmers in the Republic of Moldova?

AOAMP – Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania, organizes the national campaign DAR – Regional Agricultural Dialogue.

During July – August 2019, within 11 regional activities, the challenges and opportunities of the Moldovan agri-food sector will be addressed, with the presentation of Romania’s experience and expertise in the development of the sector and the agricultural entrepreneurial environment. The planned activities aim at facilitating the transfer of know-how and the creation of connections for private public partnerships as well as among agricultural entrepreneurs in the two neighboring countries to capitalize on investment opportunities in agriculture.

What are the different regional events DAR compared to other similar activities?

The Regional Events Agenda is based on 2 components.

1. Expertise and dialogue on topics of interest such as:

  • Export potential of the agri-food sector;
  • Management of the agro-food value chain;
  • Opportunities for financing from national and European funds;
  • Potentially unexploited organic farming for Moldova.

2. Address B2B and public-private regional investment needs and opportunities.

Entrepreneurs interested to participate in the event are invited to register online for the presentation of the agricultural enterprise and to specify the investment needs or other types of topics of interest for the development of agricultural activity (support in accessing external markets, product promotion, partner identification).

At the same time, the representatives of the local public authorities, especially the rayon councils, are invited to complete and formulate the rational agricultural file with the presentation of the agricultural potential and the investment needs for projects dedicated to the stimulation and development of the agri-food sector.

AOAMP – Worldwide Moldovan Business Association will facilitate the development of partnerships and project identification according to the regional needs identified and registered under the DAR – Regional Agricultural Dialogue project.

“Problems of agri-food sector and agricultural entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova are numerous and still remain unresolved. Sectoral agri-food realities need to be addressed regionally, together with all representatives and managers of the agri-food environment. Farmers should become the number one priority in implementing development actions and policies, and identifying solutions to barriers to the growth of agri-food entrepreneurship must be achieved only together and in direct communication with farmers with agricultural producers. We invite to public-private dialogue – associative to all those who give priority to the development of the Moldovan agri-food and agro-food product. But Regional Agricultural Dialogue is about and about agriculture, the farmer and the agri-food product of the Republic of Moldova, “says Alexei REPEDE, President of AOAMP.

People interested in participating in regional events within the DAR – Regional Dialogue Campaign are invited to register HERE