Diaspora Business Connection project launched

Entrepreneurs from the diaspora will be able to get counseling and informational support in developing their businesses with the help of the Diaspora Business Connection (DBC) Project, launched today by the Association of Moldovan Businesspeople Everywhere (AOAMP) today. According to the initiators, the project stems from “the urgent need to strengthen support for the Moldovan community everywhere”.
AOAMP president Alexei Repede told a press conference that the DBC Project will reach out to the countries with important Moldovan communities to encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture. “Without entrepreneurial culture at the foundation, we can not hope to reach considerable results. There are many reasons to run a business, but we also all know there are a lot of risks and obstacles involved”, said Repede.
Olga Postovanu, AOAMP project coordinator, said that a platform for developing the community of Moldovan diaspora entrepreneurs will be launched. Support for start-ups will be provided, while existing businesses will be put in touch with investors to develop partnerships.
“We will organize networking events in the selected countries, provide information tailored to the needs of participants, facilitate interactions and diaspora connections, promote business partnerships and identify potential investment projects”, added Olga Postovanu.
According to the organizers, project participants will soon be able to register online, and on June 15, in Rome, the initiative will be launched for the diaspora. Later, the project will reach Spain, France, Russia, Germany and so on. The project has no implementation deadline or planned budget. Expenses are covered by business people who wanted to “lend a helping hand to peers”.