3.6 million € are going to Cahul

“Thanks to AOAMP for the support and attention given to the realization of the Photovoltaic Park project. Without the AOAMP’s support, the project would not have been accomplished”, is the message of young entrepreneur Denis Sava from Cahul.

Surface construction of the solar park is 7 hectares, located around Cahul. The project value is 3.6 million euros.

“The Moldovan business environment suffers a lot, in 2017 about 8540 companies have been closed. Lack of measures that can help the entrepreneurs is reflected in the real economy through massive layoffs, reduced  state revenues and other adverse effects. Even if economic growth is registered, it is mimicked, due to fines and penalties for no  reason, and entrepreneurs are constrained by this unfavorable business climate, this is the reason why they have to close their businesses and leave the country. Republic of Moldova is a country that imports about 70% of the electricity needed. The state should encourage projects that require energy from renewable sources and become a credible partner for the country’s entrepreneurs, which today is lacking. It is gratifying that the initiatives of such projects come from young entrepreneurs such as Denis Sava. AOAMP has noticed the difficulties the young man has faced and has made a major effort to help bring this project to life. It is a successful initiative that must be promoted in other projects. If the state does not encourage and create the favorable environment for launching such projects, it should at least let businessmen do business without abusive controls, exaggerated bureaucracy and corruption that gradually liquidates the small and medium business of the Republic of Moldova, which is actually based on a country’s economy”, says AOAMP president, Alexei Repede.

According to the International Agency for Renewable Energy (Irena), the potential of renewable energy in the Republic of Moldova is one of the largest in the region. This is especially true for wind power, which could provide up to 20 GW of competitive capacity in the low cost scenario of capital. In addition, more than 20% of the country’s photovoltaic energy, about 1 GW, can already be considered as a sustainable investment option, according to the report Renewable Power Generation Costs, Electricity Generation: South East Europe Potential.

AOAMP encourages business development that involve the latest technologies. We believe in sustainable business that bring benefits to both, to business environment and to civil society in the Republic of Moldova.

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