First DBC edition was held in Rome

The first edition of the DBC Diaspora Business Connection, held on June 14 in Rome, brought together:

  • Representatives of the diaspora community of the Republic of Moldova in Rome, interested in the particularities of launching and running a business both in Italy and in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Stories of successful Moldovan entrepreneurs in Rome;
  • Presenting and debating the opportunities for the business environment of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Legal and financial recommendations for business development in Italy;
  • Launch of consultancy service: Diaspora Business Help;
  • Signing of 2 partnerships with representative associations in Rome;
  • Networking and potential collaborations and promotion by tasting Moldovan wine, UNICORN WINERY.

10 Moldovan and Italian speakers, leaders in the financial and accounting consultancy services, as well as entrepreneurs with successful success stories from Rome, have approached the realities of the entrepreneurial environment in Italy as well as the Republic of Moldova in the DBC event. The topics addressed have reached the subtlety of both taxation, labor code, legal procedures and specific bureaucracy as well as methods and tools useful for launching and developing business in the context of systemic and economic risks detected for the case of Italy and the Republic of Moldova.

The initiative of the project dedicated to strengthening dialogue with the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova by addressing and encouraging entrepreneurship belongs to the President of AOAMP – Worldwide Moldovan Business Association.

“We believe in the enormous potential of the Diaspora of the Republic of Moldova. We must encourage the launching and development of businesses among Moldovans, wherever they are in the world. We support calculated, assumed and connected businesses for better recognition and promotion in local, regional and international markets. At the same time, we need to be aware of the contribution we make, the social and economic impact for our communities,” said Alexei REPEDE in his speech at the event.

The undeniable value of the DBC Rome event and the valuable informational content was provided by the partner Studio SAVA, a business with expertise and recognized experience on the financial services consultancy market in Rome, founded and managed successfully by Galia SAVA.

The special guest, Valentin Făgărăşian, president of CNA World, presented the structure of the association that he represents and the services that he offers to foreign entrepreneurs established in Italy. CNA World has coverage at national, regional and local level, and through its system of companies provides support for social services, replenishment services, development services and economic development services. The CNA World Association aims to increase the representativeness of foreign entrepreneurs in Italy and facilitate their work.

Mihaela Gorban, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Italy, presented the business climate in the country and the fiscal system facilities offered to entrepreneurs. Another component highlighted by the representative of the Embassy was the analysis of the priority and competitive sectors for investments in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the economic financing programs – meant to attract and help the diaspora citizens who wish to return to the country.

The added value the AOAMP managed to achieve in this project was the presentation of a SWOT analysis of the business environment in Moldova, made by AOAMP President Alexei REPEDE. This analysis has been fully exploited and debated by present participants who are interested in redirecting their resources to the Republic of Moldova.

In addition, two partnerships with representatives of the associative entrepreneurial environment were signed within DBC Rome, namely “AIM” – the Moldovan Entrepreneurs Association in Italy and “O3M” – the Association of Moldovan Youth in Italy, represented by 2 successful entrepreneurs, Ludmila Posiletcaia and Aurica Danalachi. The partnerships provide actions that will make significant contributions to the promotion, consolidation and development of the business environment and the investment climate, to achieve additional results on stimulating investment, supporting entrepreneurship and strengthening business competitiveness among the diaspora communities of the Republic of Moldova .

The end of the day delighted the participants with a “Made in Moldova” wine tasting. UNICORN wine and the aroma of vineyards in the Republic of Moldova accompanied the networking dialogue at the end of the DBC Rome event.

AOAMP has proposed to promote, within each diaspora event, a domestic wine producer from the Republic of Moldova in order to create the visibility of Moldovan wine producers on the Italian market and to create potential export cooperation for these wines , on the European Union market and beyond.

Diaspora Business Connection is a project launched at the initiative of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association and is dedicated to potential entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs already existing in the Moldovan diaspora. This project is intended to encourage the entrepreneurial initiative of Moldovans from the diaspora. The purpose of the event is to increase the level of competitiveness in launching and developing business among the representatives of the diaspora community of the Republic of Moldova, by informing, consulting, promoting, encouraging collaboration and developing partnerships.

More details and information on the conclusions of the DBC Rome event on June 14th 2019 will be presented at the press conference, which will be held at IPN, Chisinau, on June 21st.