Free business consultancy for Moldovans in Italy

The Diaspora Business Connection Milan, organized on July 6, has brought important connections and useful information about entrepreneurship and the business environment of Italy and the Republic of Moldova. In the second edition of DBC, a collaboration agreement with SAVA Studio was signed, in the person of Galia Sava, project partner.

The signing of the collaboration agreement between AOAMP and Studio SAVA involves promoting the development of sustainable and competitive entrepreneurial ecosystems in the diaspora communities of the Republic of Moldova in Italy.

Moreover, following the large demands of Moldovans from the diaspora in Italy, regarding the lack of conclusive information regarding the launch of a business in Italy, AOAMP has developed the Diaspora Business Help platform. Moldovans intending to launch a business anywhere in the world or entrepreneurs who need advice or other support are invited to formulate their request on this platform: 

The association will assess the requests and discuss them with its partners. The first 20 requests from the Moldovan diaspora community in Italy will receive free consultancy from Studio SAVA. 

“The launch of Diaspora Business Help is a first concrete action to help the Moldovan diaspora to know the tax and legal procedures in the country where they are located. Free consultations are meant to encourage Moldovan diaspora citizens to launch their own businesses, “says Alexei Repede, AOAMP president.

The signing of the cooperation agreement between AOAMP and Studio Sava is very useful because Moldovan communities everywhere deserve supported by concrete actions. Together with Studio SAVA, we will be able to motivate Moldovans in Italy to initiate and develop their business effectively.