Free consultancy provided within the DBC Italy project

Diaspora Business Connection project, launched in Italy by MBA (Worldwide Moldovan Business Association) in 2019, in Milan and Rome, brought together entrepreneurs and people interested in starting businesses in Italy, but also for those interested in investments in the Republic of Moldova.

We initiated the Diaspora Business Help platform, as we aimed to provide, as a priority for the communities in the diaspora of the Republic of Moldova, access to updated information on the legal framework and the fiscal specificity needed to be known in detail, in order to launch and develop sustainable businesses. We will provide free informational support to those who will register their clearly stated requests. The first consultations have already been carried out, with the support of the partner of the DBC project in Italy, the company Studio Sava, a fiscal consulting service provider. I believe that beautiful initiatives and businesses with potential deserve to be promoted and connected with potential partners, but also future consumers.

said Alexei Repede, MBA president.

Here are some success stories of Moldovans from Italy.

“If you have the opportunity to stop in the Bolzano region, we recommend you to try the traditional cuisine of the province of Südtirol at the Bardus Keller restaurant. It is a family business. We are 3 people involved in its management and development, my husband Vladimir Boroda, my husband’s sister Doina Boroda and myself. We recently opened – on November 16, 2019. We decided to invest in this family business after many years of experience in the field, knowing well the culinary preferences of the locals, as well as of the German, Austrian and Swiss tourists. You can find us online on the facebook page:”, said Maria Minchevici.

For those who are eager to indulge in the taste of true coffee, we invite you to visit the online store: The entrepreneur, who also comes from the Republic of Moldova, presents his variety of coffee assortments, which he says that if some mornings are not exceptional, you can surely transform them to your liking by adding the scent of coffee. Store caffe caps is there to provide the tradition of enjoying the pleasure of quality coffee that you share and give to your loved ones. At the same time, the invitation is still valid for potential partners interested in collaborations for the sale of coffee assortments, so that an increasing number of people can enjoy its home delivery.


In Rome, you can find clothing made with love by Angela Glavan, who is also from the Republic of Moldova. She is interested in developing a business in the textile industry. Until she develops the economic aspect that would allow the opening of a workshop and shop, Angela, together with her friend Maria, which is a designer too, are selling their products in the local markets of the region. Custom scarves are sought after at local artisan exhibitions and are highly appreciated by tourists looking for unique clothing products.

Founder and administrator of tax consultancy firm Studio Sava, which has provided tax advice and information to entrepreneurs and individuals interested in launching and developing businesses in Italy, noted that the questions arising from them were different, depending on the degree of involvement they have in the entrepreneurial process. Respectively, the people interested in launching a business have benefited from complex details that outline the course and steps necessary to be taken into account for developing the business concept and measuring the first performance indicators and most importantly the risk factors. Entrepreneurs at different stages of development have shown interest in both fiscal news and strategies for promoting and identifying sales platforms that allow the recognition of products and services in certain markets and respectively for increasing sales.

I was impressed and realized once again that often creating connections and contacting people interested in common topics and directions can bring unexpected, valuable solutions.Information is an important resource, sometimes even very expensive but not more valuable than the human resource itself. Through collaboration, communication and information exchange we can create bridges that bring mutually advantageous results”, noted Galia Sava.

Thus, within the Diaspora Business Help platform, the topics of interest, for which advice was sought, were diverse, from the documentation required for registering a business in Italy, tax details, import / export procedures but also promotion and sales strategies.We remind that people interested in accessing consulting services for starting and developing businesses in Italy, are invited to register their request at the following link: