How the farmers from Criuleni , Orhei and Straseni survive?

The regional specificity of agriculture in Criuleni, Orhei, Strășeni and their neighboring districts, were addressed within the framework of the DAR Campaign – Regional Agricultural Dialogue,from July 29th to July 31st.

The president of the Worldwide Moldovan Association – Alexei Repede, emphasized on the purpose of the regional events, namely on the importance of the dialogue between the agricultural producers and the public authorities in each region and the urgency of mapping the investment needs of each district in the country, through public consultation.

Representatives of local authorities, farmers, entrepreneurs from the region and experts from the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as AIPA specialists (the Intervention and Payments Agency from the Republic of Moldova) participated in the DAR dialogue.

The event from Criuleni district, brought together agricultural producers from both banks of the Dniester (Criuleni district and Dubasari district). Those present noted that among the most pressing problems that are faced as a priority, remains the difficulty of obtaining bank loans, even with an impeccable credit history. The farmers from Dubasari launched the invitation to identify B2B partnerships, so that besides the multitude of cross-border issues that are affecting the agricultural activity, there is a real support for collaboration between the entrepreneurs. At the same time, the lack of functionality of the local and regional producers’ associations was notified, with the request to carry out exchanges of experience with the associations in Romania, in order to learn and take over from their good practices.

During the DAR Orhei event on July 30, representatives of local public authorities from the districts of Orhei, Telenești and Rezina, as well as entrepreneurs from the agricultural environment who noticed the problems they face every day. Among the impediments exposed by them are:

  • the complex legal framework and excessive bureaucracy in the process of accessing grants;
  • direct payment per hectare of subsidies – promise of the implementing authorities only from 2021;
  • high losses in the beekeeping sector due to chemicals used in other agricultural sectors;
  • the lack of markets.

In addition to the problems presented, farmers have shown an interest in conducting B2B sessions between farmers in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

The meeting on July 31st, organized in Strășeni, covered the topics addressed together with the agricultural producers from the districts of Strășeni and Călărași. Lack of market; flooding the local market with imported products and the lack of space for domestic producers in the domestic market or the increased reluctance of local farmers to join, are just some of the problems listed in the DAR event in Strășeni.

The president of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association – Alexei Repede, mentioned about the urgent need to identify problems in the agricultural sector, but especially, to solve them. In addition to the impediments exposed the participants were challenged to identify directions of action for the solutions sought. Thus, several requests for interaction on agricultural chains were launched and separately the founding of a Moldo – Romanian Producers Association.