I invite you to the Regional Agricultural Dialogue!

Alexei Repede, the AOAMP president, Worldwide Moldovan Business Association:
“I challenge the farmers, to put in discussion table all the problems and all the barriers, which impede and discourage the activity of the local producers. At the same time I challenge all those who know what is needed to be done for the development of the agriculture of the Republic of Moldova, to propose real solutions and to ask for support on specific points, to help them in their own activity, but to have an impact for the guild they represent.

If we want:
  • to advance and achieve valuable results in the work done on agricultural land,
  • to grow agricultural sectors,
  • to find solutions to motivate people, neighbors and relatives to stay in the villages and cities of Moldova,- să recoltăm și să consumăm produs autohton,

dedicate little of your time to addressing together, what we can do for agriculture, the local product and the local consumer in the Republic of Moldova. ”

To identify specific solutions according to the regional investment needs, register and explain what support you need for the agricultural activity you develop:  https://aoamp.com/dar/inscriere/
We are waiting for you at one of the 11 regional events.