Innovation = performance?

Innovation in business management, growth solutions and strengthening of the local entrepreneurial environment to facilitate the transition to an economy of knowledge, some of the topics addressed at the INNOVENTURE regional conference, in Bacău, May 09.

Representatives of the academic, private and business consulting environment have signed with the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association a collaborative protocol to promote innovative entrepreneurship. Thus representatives of INGENIUS HUB, based in Bucharest, together with the regional partners of the project “InGenius Start-up Xpress! (Responsible Entrepreneurship Program in the South-Muntenia region)”, they have undertaken, together with the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, to collaborate on the basis of an active partnership in order to identify, support and promote a complex of initiatives dedicated to strengthening and developing the ecosystem. local and regional entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on innovation and smart specialization.

The collaboration agreement assumes directions of action within the INGENIUS NET platform, which will contribute to the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Attracting investments through cooperation of sustainable projects;
  • Identification of new external markets for local business;
  • Promoting business partnership;
  • Identification and development of transnational projects of strategic importance;
  • Accessing funds from all existing sources on integrated measures plans;

The actions will address the issue of competitiveness, which is a big challenge.

Romania is a modest innovator. Between 2010 and 2017, its position decreased, compared to the average U.E. In the Republic of Moldova, the situation is even worse in this regard. This is why it is urgently necessary to strengthen efforts to create the framework for smart specialization for companies, as well as the ways in which innovation can be integrated into Romanian businesses and at the same time to bring positive change in the local and regional entrepreneurship environment.

“On behalf of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, I assure you of all our openness and availability in facilitating and building partnerships, in promoting good practices and innovations for business development, in providing support in facilitating partnerships that contribute to the realization of projects. investments and local economic development.”

“We support and encourage public-private-associative dialogue and act to strengthen the entrepreneurial environment, to develop functional business ecosystems, updated with solutions adapted to current realities and needs.

We participate together in actions that take advantage of current opportunities, develop joint projects, encourage potential investors and at the same time promote entrepreneurial culture in each community and for all age groups.”