International conference in Sibiu, connections between academic and industrial sphere

Initiatives for projects dedicated to the agri-food sector, which contribute to sustainable development in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, the agricultural potential of the Republic of Moldova and the opportunities for collaboration through partnerships and public-private-associative dialogue, were presented by AOAMP at the International Conference in Sibiu .

The event organized within the project KNOWinFOOD, aimed to facilitate collaborations between industries and universities. The international conference succeeded in bringing together representatives of the academic environment from Romania, Portugal, Russia, Tunisia, France, Hungary and Bulgaria, who together with non-governmental and research organizations in Romania such as IRCEM – Institute for Research in Circular and Environmental Economics “Ernest Lupan” and CLUSTERO – The Romanian Cluster Association presented possibilities for collaboration between business, research and education, as knowledge creators and developers.

AOAMP brought to the attention of the entrepreneurs participating in the event and of the representatives of the academic environment the need to capitalize on the agri-food sector in the two neighboring states, the Republic of Moldova and Romania, through cooperation and partnerships, with the invitation to identify and launch international collaborations to ensure the exchange of practices. and to facilitate investments for the development of the sector.

Public and private investments need to be more strategic, smarter and better targeted.

To achieve this, public and private institutions involved in the development of the agri-food sector must provide entrepreneurs with a favorable business environment and support appropriate to their specific needs. This can be achieved through the collaboration of representatives of the private, associative, academic, and public institutions and authorities.

Cluster partnership and cooperation structures are at the heart of the implementation of the EU growth strategy, taking into account the geographical and thematic context to stimulate employment, growth of SMEs and investments. Clusters help regions in different stages of development to focus on their strengths, to position themselves in regional and global value chains and to collaborate to build strategic partnerships.

Reason for which AOAMP intends to promote the development of agri-food clusters in the Republic of Moldova that will be part of the European cluster network.

Collaboration in cluster structures and the implementation of common strategies promise to trigger industrial modernization processes and create more productive, more diversified and resilient economies. This should, in particular, contribute to providing better support and investment opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises.

We aim to capitalize on the benefits that can be provided by cluster structures, such as:

  • The enterprises in a cluster have a productive advantage due to their geographical concentration;
  • The number of jobs in the region where the producers are associated increases;
  • Labor productivity increases;
  • The power of association can contribute to a better negotiation with various institutions, providers or even government;
  • Reduce transaction costs for farmers and production costs for processors through direct relationships and partnerships within clusters;
  • Approval of quality standards at the whole cluster level;
  • Greater opportunities to access new markets.

The international conference was organized at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu. We thank the organizers, Ion MIRONESCU, Associate Professor, Doctor Engineer and project manager KNOWinFOOD and Monica MIRONESCU, Ph.D. engineer, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food Industry and Environmental Protection, for invitation and openness in connecting the entrepreneurial environment with the academic one, in identifying some common projects.


The AOAMP presentation that was addressed at the Sibiu Conference can be viewed below.

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