Investment projects discussed in Vienna

Investment projects and potential economic partnerships for the Republic of Moldova discussed with a group of Austrian entrepreneurs at the AOAMP meeting in Vienna on 9th of March.

Working visit to Austria aimed at identifying new markets (EU and non EU) for the business activities of members of the Worldwide Moldovan   Businessmen Association and discussing possible projects and directions for action and interaction with entrepreneurs and representatives of the business environment in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

In addition to new collaboration relationships and the creation of new connections for the AOAMP networking platform, maintaining and developing existing ones is very important. Dialogue and communication between potential business partners, besides the possibility of creating and developing a sales-buying relationship, is an opportunity for business people to update as much information as possible about the offers on the market in their field of activity, characteristics of potential partners or new trends in their domain of activity.

Alexei Repede, AOAMP president, considers it impetuous for Moldovan entrepreneurs to be among the economic partners of the state as they represent the diaspora of the country with which there must be continuous effective communication. At the same time, they represent a valuable investment potential, but more importantly, they are the catalysts of the know-how transfer, which could contribute to the sustainable economic development of the country.

In addition to the need to continuously improve the quality of products, services and economic potential of Moldovan businesses outside the country, an integrated approach is needed to create and capitalize investment links and projects with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs from the Moldovan diaspora.