Launch of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association in Romania

Worldwide Moldovan Business Association (MBA) was launched on the third of  October, in Bucharest, at the SMART CITY 2016 Conference. MBA is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization, which was set up in 2016 at the initiative of Moldovan entrepreneurs, including those established in the diaspora, as a response to the need to train and strengthen a transparent, prosperous and sustainable business environment for all the Moldovan businessmen. The Association aims to join the Romanian business community in order to support the positive development of the European market economy. At the same time, AOAMP can play the role of a facilitator for Romanian entrepreneurs by helping them to expand into untapped markets from Eastern Europe.

The first four partnerships were concluded at the launching ceremony. AOAMP managed to sign its first partnerships with four similar organizations at the Smart City 2016 Conference at its first public event. Thus, the AOAMP has signed cooperation protocols with the Romanian Employers Union – BUSINESS ROMANIA, the Romanian-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Romanian-Ukrainian “Business Center for Investments and Tourism Association” and the New Energy Sources Employers Association SunE from Romania. The protocols imply the exchange of information and best practices between the five organizations. Firstly, these bilateral strategic partnerships are oriented on the building of a cooperation and communication mechanism, as well as on creation of a debate forum, with concrete benefits for the Romanians on the both sides of the Prut River and for all Moldovans abroad.

Which are the AOAMP objectives?

AOAMP is the answer to the challenges that the local business environment faces. The purpose of the association is to contribute to the consolidation of the market economy system in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, to promote and protect the legitimate interests of Moldovan businessmen in general and the interests of AOAMP members in particular. AOAMP is also a real opportunity for young entrepreneurs who, forced by difficult conditions, need to look for solutions to develop their own initiatives. The AOAMP initiators are Moldovan businessmen Alexei Repede, along with Iurie Pasecinic, Tatiana Nagornîi and Iacob Cerlat. They defined the concept of the new association, elaborated the strategy of action, set the objectives of the organization and registered the AOAMP at the court. Currently, the association has a legal and functional status, providing partners with the experience and capabilities needed to carry out the AOAMP mission.

The association has identified many Moldovan entrepreneurs of different age groups and living in different states of the world. They’ve managed to study new business models, have attracted fundings through European funds or other lending mechanisms and laid the foundations of a prosperous and successful business. What was missing for them to collaborate with others was a communication platform, a cooperation mechanism, a forum for debating common issues, and a voice to represent their interests.

“Personally, I believe that I must contribute to the consolidation of Moldova’s economy as well as to promoting and defending the interests of Moldovan businessmen. That’s why I have the mission and, first of all, the responsibility, to lead in Romania a company that grew organically, with which I grew up, and with whom I also improved myself. Today, our products, services and equipment have recorded notable national and international performance. We have built one of Europe’s most successful Oilfield Factories and obtained the American Petroleum Institute license”, said Alexei Repede, the AOAMP president.

The connection between Moldova and Romania

All the achievements of the Moldovan entrepreneurs could obviously have been achieved in the Republic of Moldova, but because of the fact that the legislation does not favour the affairs of their SMEs, it was impossible for them to develop there. AOAMP leader Alexei Repede believes that Moldovans come from a country with many difficulties (economically), but a country which is rich in traditions, customs, authentic qualities, products and services that can be valorised and promoted, and the most important resource: talented and ambitious people, eager to learn and adapt to the latest challenges!

“We have curious Moldovan entrepreneurs who overcome a lot of barriers on their way to excellence and want to contribute to the economic growth and well-being of the Moldovan society. They often meet in the delegations we carry out abroad, at fairs and exhibitions we participate at and not only “, says Alexei Repede.

AOAMP wants to be a true platform for dialogue, cooperation and mutual support, in which members embrace a common vision to blend tradition with performance.