“Let’s cross the Prut river!”, invitation for the farmers in the PRO AGRO Congress

About several directions of action launched by MBA-Worldwide Moldovan Business Association to support private initiatives and the associative environment to contribute to the development of agriculture and the agro-food industry in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Alexei REPEDE, President of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, spoke at the first edition of the “Farm Food Forum”, organized by the National Pro AGRO Federation, in Braşov, from 8 to 9 May, 2018.

The event brought together remarkable personalities, agri-food entrepreneurs, representatives of employers’ associations within the PRO AGRO federation and several policy makers in charge of monitoring and participating in improving sectoral policies, especially in the context of the CAP – Common Agricultural Policy.

On the day of Europe, the topics on the agenda were dedicated exclusively to the realities of the agri-food industry, the economic development vector of Romania, which ranks 6th after the European Union’s agricultural area.

Mr. Repede thanked the partners for the invitation to the event that is worth highlighting as a very successful one, but especially for the opening, cooperation and support offered by the National Federation PRO AGRO, partners in the organization of the first cross-border agricultural forum “UFMR – Union of Farmers of the Republic of Moldova and Romania” organized by the associative environment in Chisinau in 2017 and at the same time launched the invitation of all those present at the event for participation in the 2nd edition that will take place in November 2018.

At the same time, the MBA President underlined the importance of opening up cooperation with all the representatives involved in the public, private and associative dialogue in order to achieve the common goal of capitalising on investments in the agriculture of the two neighbouring states.