Men of the Year Awards by VIP Magazine: Alexei Repede the most successful Moldovan from diaspora

President of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association - Alexei Repede, received the Man of the Year award as the most successful Moldovan from diaspora, according to VIP Magazine.

He left Moldova 25 years ago, because the country’s economy was facing huge problems during the 1990s, problems that made people’s lives extremely difficult, but above all, the existence of entrepreneurs was almost impossible. He arrived in Romania, where through a lot of work, he managed to build the best performing oil plant in South-East Europe. But success does not end here.

Since 2016, Alexei Repede dedicates all his free time to the development of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, because he wants to help the Moldovan communities, no matter where they are, either in the country or abroad. He does not forget where he started and tries, even by small steps, to bring change in the Republic of Moldova.

Sometimes, very rarely in a life, you meet people who shake you by their personality and, above all, by the power to build impossible things. Through the light that they look around and which they transmit to you. And then you ask yourself:
 how could i not have known him before? 
That's what I can say about Alexei Repede. An exceptional man in my opinion, for whom there, in Chisinau, could be founded very important roles. 
Just as he can be a respected and powerful leader of an association of Moldovan business people from all around the world, he could make a lot of good things at home, in Chisinau.
For now, I express my gratitude for a healthy partnership with MBA (Worldwide Moldovan Business Association)  in the project Men of the Year 2019 by VIP magazine and I want to confirm that for many lonely and sad people from the Republic of Moldova, Alexei Repede is the Man of the Year 2019. As well as for the young Bessarabians who work with pleasure at REPEDE PRESSURE CONTROL, for the businessmen whom he inspires and gives courage, but also for those who will discover him in the elitist edition MEN OF THE YEAR 2019. 
I'm proud to know him! 

Rodica Ciorănică, director VIP magazine.

As an entrepreneur, but also as the president of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, Alexei Repede, aims to boost the business environment in the country, but also to support the agricultural sector. MBA’s president considers that one of the priority directions for the Republic of Moldova is the development of agriculture, the potential of which is not far realized, and Moldovan farmers are left, in the absence of financial and technical resources, to deal independently with the most important sector of the country’s economy. For this reason, Alexei Repede launched within the MBA actions that demand and bring the realities that farmers face on the table of political decision-makers and ask for real support for farmers and Moldovan agriculture, which can be revitalized. This requires substantial financial allocations from the state budget or from external partners, which unfortunately no longer trust the authorities of the Republic of Moldova. Reality shows us that there is no financial capacity. The question is whether there is political will and a vision that will target performance indicators for agriculture, the economy and the future of the Republic of Moldova.

The people I am with, and the feeling of joy and satisfaction at the end of each day is the motivation that gives me forces to continue and to be more determined in order to get performance. I learned that the future is not yet written. We are all in the position to write it. It matters who's next to you, because the path to success is very difficult, especially in the Republic of Moldova.

That's why, over time, I've tried to create tangents with professional people - the best in their field. Only through joint efforts and dedication, but also professionalism, new projects can be born.

This year has been an extremely challenging one for me and for the team of Worldwide Moldovan Business Association. In 2019 we became stronger, overcoming many obstacles, exceeding our own limits. Through the launched projects we set out to identify solutions and bring changes for the people from HOME, and what I enjoy most is the fact that I met many beautiful people with the same goal.

I am pleased that the actions we started in 2019 have come to be seen by many people and even appreciated! That encourages me to go further! 2020 will certainly be a difficult year and with many obstacles, but that will motivate us to be better, more ambitious and launch new projects!

said Alexei Repede, MBA president.

VIP Magazine described the story of the president of MBA – Alexei Repede – a success story and a model that must be known by the general public.