The partnership between MBA – Worldwide Moldovan Business Association and LAPAR – The League of Associations of Agricultural Producers in Romania – was signed on March 12 this year, followed by the collaboration for the platform for information, communication, promotion and counseling of the Moldovan and Romanian farmers, which will represent the beginning of new projects and partnerships for the representatives of the agricultural sector in the two countries.

Promoting the interests of agricultural entrepreneurs in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and creating partnerships is the main objective of the collaboration agreement between MBA and LAPAR.

The joint program established and assumed by the two associations, targets collaborative actions and engagements to contribute to:

  • Stimulating the capitalisation of financing opportunities for the development of agricultural businesses;
  • Promoting agricultural entrepreneurs, producer associations and domestic agricultural products to local, national and European markets;
  • Encourage the cooperation and collaboration of agricultural entrepreneurs, including the representatives of the competent authorities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and strengthen the public-private dialogue in the agri-food sector;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of agriculture by strengthening the information flow adapted to the specific needs of farmers and processors in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.
  • Conducting concrete actions for each other in the interest of developing the agri-food sector in the two states.