Rarely heard voices, thoughts and problems shared

Older people from the Placement Center in Sănătăuca, Florești district, together with the children who find a warm place during the daytime and several elderly people from the village, welcomed guests, who came with donations for the Multifunctional Center “Parental House”.

The beneficiaries of the center are satisfied, they find care, a warm table, attention and support. The children, during the day, enjoy a friendly space where they do their homework and then play. Employees of the placement center face very difficult problems. The expenses that ensure the smooth operation and allow the provision of services for all requests, are far beyond the budget allocated within the project, funded by Concordia.

More serious is that, it was necessary to stop one of the services initially offered, namely to provide a hot lunch at home, for the elderly in the village.

The weights are overcome with the help of the staff who often bring from home necessary things or products. Other aid is coming. For a long period, Alexei Repede, AOAMP president, is trying to help people that are living at the multifunctional center of Sănătăuca.

With heartbreak, I see the sadness and sorrows of these old people and children, who need attention and care. There are still many other centers and people who have the same needs. It terrifies me that their number exceeds the rank of thousands. Older people, or from different socially vulnerable blankets, who do not have help. This is why I invited other entrepreneurs to come with me, to know the realities and difficulties of the villages and the needs of these amazing people. We want to bring more people, to give support to those who are in difficulty.  I urge entrepreneurs to choose their own center in the country and give them support, a year supply of potatoes, fruits and vegetables or any other products,

said Alexei Repede, AOAMP president.

Alexandru Machedon, founder and director of StarNet, responded to the initiative launched within the “Give home” campaign.

Thanks to Mr. Repede, I got to see what is happening here. I understand that there are many problems, which the government only remembers during the elections. Their attention lasts only one month. We must build a united community. Those who have money must help. How many businessmen are in the village, how many businessmen are in the district? Let's help people. Let's invite everyone from the district - mayors, councilors, entrepreneurs. The more we have to speak publicly about the problems of the people who worked for the country. We have to take care of people,

said Alexandru Machedon.

At the same time, Viorica Mătase – Executive Director of Concordia noticed the lack of contribution and support of local authorities in providing services oriented to the multifunctional center.

Unfortunately, for this Center, from Sănătăuca, Floresti district, the local contribution is 0. Funds are limited. The local authority is the one that must contribute to the budget of this institution, this request being repeated every time at the meetings with the representatives of the town hall.

I am very grateful to those who are interested in the fate of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, together with us and with other organizations.  Only together we can do more. Together we will succeed in making a change, but it will take until we start to function as a whole.  It lasts until the economic agents will understand that there are people who need help and will be open to help the most unhappy.

We are glad that entrepreneurs like Mr. Alexei Repede mobilizes and notifies the social reality of the Republic of Moldova. Maybe it will be easier. At the same time, local public authorities, both local and district level, should contribute to the budget of these centers. These obligations are not to us as an organization, but to you - citizens of this country,

told Viorica Matas.

With all the problems that they hardly overcome, the beneficiaries of the “Parental House” Center, as well as the locals from Sănătăuca, have warmly embraced the presence of the guests, because they are among the few who come to visit them, to help them, but also to listen to them.

A mother with 4 children in need of help, a person with disabilities and even more needs, a young boy with 12 brothers and sisters, which is looking for help in launching a business in the zootechnical field, a local councilor who is struggling to bring real problems and solutions on the table and other discussed problems like social and local issues linked to lack of jobs in the village.

Even the support of the authorities is not as expected, an idea emphasized several times by everyone present in the room. Even the collaboration with the social workers from the district or from the district hospital leaves much to be desired because they refuse to deal with homeless people.

About the same realities, a thought of a old lady:

People sell for one kg of rice, it`s our fault. We sold ourselves to go weep on the shoulders of others. When we want an assembly with the whole village, the mayor says to come to his office.

When we asked for the lady’s consent to publish her opinion by her name, she answered us so sincerely and with great pain:

I have a few more days to live, let me live them without fear and without knocking on my door …

Realities that hurt, but which belong to us, to the communities of the Republic of Moldova. We can and we must help those who need our support. Be with AOAMP in the social project ''Give Home''!