Signing the trilateral agreement at the Bucharest Economic Forum

Representing and promoting the economic interests of Moldovan entrepreneurs who carry out economic activities anywhere in the world, presented by Alexei Repede, president of AOAMP at the economic forum “Romania – Italy, we render trust to the investors in the Romanian economy”.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania in Italy together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest were the organizers of the event that took place in Bucharest on 7 March. They have been able to include on the agenda of the economic forum several topics of common interest for representatives of the entrepreneurial environment as well as of the authorities involved in facilitating trade.

More than 46,000 companies set up by Romanians in Italy, with a contribution of 2% of Italy’s GDP due to Romanians (including those in the Republic of Moldova / with dual citizenship), as well as the investments of Italian companies in Romania worth more than 2.55 billions of euros, a considerable impact that once again demonstrates the need to strengthen the business environment and to create an investment climate conducive to economic exchanges. The reason why the representation of entrepreneurs, facilitating connections and dialogue is one of the objectives of organizations involved in the development of the business environment.

Thus, the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy together with the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a trilateral agreement within the Bucharest Economic Forum, in which they took part in the collaboration facilitating B2B and private public connections and capitalizing on investment opportunities.

Eugen Terteleac, president of CCIRO – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania in Italy, spoke in the economic forum about the actions taken within the organization he represented and stressed the contribution, efforts and involvement of Romanian entrepreneurs in business development in Italy, at the same time, mentioning the need for continuous effective communication to represent their interests.

The officials who participated in the event have admitted that the economic climate is quite tumultuous , but through the policies they are trying to find a balance.

A special topic was consumer protection, brought on the agenda by Sorin Mierlea, President of InfoCons – Consumers Protection Association.

The need to promote domestic products and the multitude of services provided in the diaspora, one of the conclusions of the participants in the event. Alexei Repede highlighted the opening of the association he represents in facilitating and building partnerships:

“We intend to capitalize on the connections already created within the association’s dialogue platform, between entrepreneurs, public and private entities in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Italy and other EU countries, as well as non-EU countries.”

The economic forum in Bucharest was attended by Italian economic operators from several fields of activity (construction, transport, agriculture, waste management, tourism and health care operators in Italy), interested in developing investments or business partnerships in the Romanian economy and, the last but not the least, Romanian businessmen from Italy interested in relocating their own businesses. AOAMP represented the entrepreneurs from Moldova.