The first cross-border agricultural forum

The first Cross-Border Agricultural Forum organized by the associative environment ended on a positive note. More than 200 agricultural minds visited the event to contribute to the development of agriculture at national and international level and participated in a series of activities in which the most serious problems in the sector and their solutions were identified.

“We have tried to prove not only the strategic importance of the agricultural sector, which guarantees the food security of a country,” says Alexei Repede, President of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association. He urged the over 200 participants to discuss, capitalize on the country’s agricultural potential. “We wanted, in the end, to make the first step towards solving the problems in the field. And we think it has succeeded us,” added Alexei Repede.

The results of the forum are expressed by the positive reaction of the guests of the event, but also through a series of resolutions formulated in the workshops specialized in the sectors: Viticulture; Fruits and vegetables; Cereals and oilseeds; Livestock; Food industry; Young farmers.

Participants working in the wine sector consider a problem of insufficient funding and subsidization at various stages of development – both at the planting stage, as well as in the harvesting, post-harvesting and eventual market access. The solution proposed by them was to reformulate the grant and funding system to increase access to them by introducing tax incentives and financial incentives for farmers.

In the workshop “Fruits and Vegetables” there was mentioned as a problem the lack of association and cooperation of farmers on product lines, the need to promote and lobbies of interests. Thus, the creation and development of associative formations according to the product; improving the agricultural legal framework, boosting funding was the proposed solution.

The cereals and oilseeds sector considers that the financial resources allocated from the subsidy fund for the cereals and oilseeds sector are insufficient. To solve this problem, it is necessary to increase the subsidy fund to up to two billion lei in Moldova or 4% of GDP, modifying the regulation with the inclusion of mixed subsidies – 50% development of strategic branches and 50% per hectare, de-bureaucracy, increasing transparency in subsidies, number of acts, including online application, ceiling exclusion, flat-rate payment for small areas, inclusion of pre-financing.

The “livestock” sector sees a problem in the absence of association and cooperation between farmers, farmers’ groups and other representatives of the agricultural sector, believing that the creation of associative formations should be encouraged.

The participants in the workshop “Food Industry and Product Promotion” pointed out that farmers do not cooperate with each other and have proposed the development of professional groups to increase the efficiency of the association in promoting interests, lobbying development programs to the state and to development partners.

Young Entrepreneurs said they needed a loan guarantee fund for young farmers.

The First Cross-Border Agricultural Forum held discussions and debates among farmers, experts and other important actors in the agricultural sector of the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Representatives of the authorities of both states, the homologues of the relevant institutions, mentioned its successes, but also the gaps in the agricultural sector and the need to carry out actions through consultation and direct involvement of producer associations.

From the Republic of Moldova, UFMR Forum, Iurie Uşurelu, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, and Nicolae Ciubuc, Director of the Intervention and Payment Agency for Agriculture, participated. Romania was presented by Claudiu Sorin Roşu Mareş, State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adrian Pintea, General Manager of Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture, Adrian Ionuţ Chesnoiu, Director of the Agency for Rural Investment Financing and Daniel Ioniţă, Ambassador Of Romania in the Republic of Moldova.

The event organized by AOAMP The Association of Moldovan Businessmen from Everywhere had an immediate impact, as the exchange of experience continued beyond the workshops. “We believe that the field of agriculture in both countries is in good hands,” said Alexei Repede. Thus, the organizers have proposed to create an online platform, which will be the first cross-border information database to participate in the promotion of the sector. On this platform, we will be able to find details about agricultural financing programs in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, useful information on the current state of the agri-food sector, SWOT statistics and analyzes, success stories and innovative best practices for promotion and cooperation.

“The potential of these people is unimaginable and only together we will lay the foundations for an initiative that will essentially develop agriculture and will require authorities to pay due attention to the field,” added Alexei Repede.

The main purpose of the organizers of the first edition of the UFMR Forum was the encouragement and direct support of farmers in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, during the event, the most active and involved guests of the forum received a total support of 200,000 lei and seed material for a total area of ​​70 hectares.

At the end of the event, the participants expressed gratitude to the organizers of the event, noting that such initiatives are very important for the sustainable development of the country’s economy.

The UFMR Cross-border Agricultural Forum – Union of Farmers from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, was organized by the AOAMP Association of Moldovan Businessmen Abroad, together with the National Federation of PRO AGRO in Romania and the National Federation of Moldovan Farmers in the framework of the Partnership for Development sustainable rural environment in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.