AOAMP attended the 3SI Summit “The 3 Seas Initiative”

The 3Si – Three Seas Initiative, also known as the Black Sea, Baltic and Adriatic Sea Initiative, which include 12 European Union countries Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The priorities of the Summit’s discussion groups are to facilitate interconnectivity in the region, particularly in areas such as energy, transport and digital communication.

Sustainable political and economic dialogue, regional cooperation, exchange of good practices will create new opportunities for cooperation between the EU countries and  the neighborhood countries, including a better cooperation within business community.

MBA – Worldwide Moldovan Business Association participated in the workshop summit to capitalize on the opportunity of identifying ways to involve the business environment in the implementation of the “Three Seas Initiative” projects and to create new connections for potential partnerships.

The event covered several thematic workshops: Transport, Energy and Digital Interconnections in the Three Seas; Strategic implications of SMEs in the areas of transport, energy and digitization; Regional cooperation cooperation opportunities in the defense industry; Potential for cooperation with the neighboring countries of the 3SI region; Business to Business and Business to Government Meetings; Common values. Democratization and the rule of law as fundamental conditions for sustainable economic growth; Increasing the role of civil society in and outside the 3SI region.

Interconnection of transport in the Three Seas: the development and modernization of transport infrastructure is an essential factor, both for economic growth and for regional, European and international trade. It facilitates the efficient circulation of goods and services and gives access to global value chains.

The development of transport infrastructure in Central and South-Eastern Europe is a priority. The Initiative of the Three Seas aims to create economic corridors that will eventually generate innumerable investment opportunities, which will benefit the entire European Union.

The 3SI objectives include the integration of the countries’ oil, gas and electricity networks, deepening their links with those of a wider Europe, especially the European Union’s neighbourhood countries, to ensure that regions have access to the world’s energy markets.

The digital connection is a dynamic and extremely important factor in economic growth. Effective upgrading of digital technologies leads to cost savings and improved partnerships between consumers and business people.