The MBA president’s message: “I urge you to vote!”

Today, October 30, 2016, Mr. Alexei Repede, the President of the Worldwide Moldovan Business Association, voted for the presidential election. On leaving the electoral section of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest, mr. Repede addressed a message to the diaspora members, all over the world and to all Moldovans with voting rights.

“Dear members of the diaspora, my dear Moldovans! Moldova is facing major challenges, and even more – the country is in a disastrous situation. From the social, economic, legal to political environment, everything is getting more and more complicated. Intellectuals and youth are leaving the country and the entrepreneurs, constrained by difficult market conditions, have to find solutions in other countries. It has already been reached perdition if they came to steal the last penny of state cesspool.

We are all suffering for those from home, for parents, relatives and friends who have remained in Moldova. We miss our homeland, which we were forced to leave in search for a better life. We can not be indifferent, we can not get involved even if we are in other countries, away from home. We have to make a common front by uniting efforts, by knowing each other and by fighting till the end for our country.

It’s important to understand that absence from voting favours those who stole our country, compromised politicians who doesn’t care what’s happening to people. If the turnout is low, it will be easier for them to fraud the election. The vote is our citizenship duty. If we don’t, someone else will take the advantage of our lack of hope, of the disenchantment and exhaustion of the Moldovan citizens.

I urge all the diaspora members from all over the world and all Moldovans to vote in this poll! The higher the vote, the less the risk that the fate of the country will decide on the minority.”

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