Why do Moldovans emigrate and how can we persuade them to stay or come home?

Currently,  an alarming phenomenon is observed in the Republic of Moldova. On average, over 100 Moldovans leave the country daily, preferring to settle elsewhere. This is the result of Demographics Barometer, showing that over the last five years the migration rate of those who have moved abroad hovers between 45 and 50 thousand people annually. Which would mean that over 20-30 years, the population will be practically cut by half, and this will be a powerful blow to the economy.

Most worrying is that due to an unstable socio-economic situation, the wave of emigration began to include especially young people. According to a study by the Center for Demographic Research, in recent years, the situation has become much worse. If so far the young people who were dissatisfied with the financial income they had here are leaving, we are now increasingly seeing the process of brain drain by mass emigration of the intellectuals who have a well-paid service. The problem is that there is no safety in Moldova, and those who have the ability to analyze and learn to think ahead, realize that because of the political factor their financial safety will always be in danger. It is impossible here to make some savings from your salary in order to get your own home. Furthermore accessing real estate loans is not profitable. That’s because the interest rate is extremely high and you have to pay almost twice as much as the initial cost of the property.

From my position as a businessman, I have to find that this massive migration will in the near future generate colossal economic losses. A vicious circle has been created. People are leaving because there is no financial stability here, and in order to get it, people need to be able to work. The authorities understand this, but, unfortunately, they just mimic the implementation of some programs aimed at turning Moldovans home. Practically, they do not work. Moldovans continue to leave and the business environment  has to suffer the most.

It is said that when you criticize, you have to come up with some solutions! My proposal for the current Government would be to exempt some tax obligations for business representatives, so they will be able to provide higher salaries to employees and other benefits for those returning home. This will cause some Moldovans to come back home. At the same time, particular attention should be paid to social programs, especially in giving young families a place of living under privileged conditions. Now there are a few such projects, but I hope they have not been initiated just for the next electoral campaign. We have had so many “examples” so far.

And to understand how bad things are, I refer to estimates of the National Statistics Bureau, which says clearly that since gaining independence, Moldova has seen a steady decline in population. Over the past 25 years, the population has fallen by about one million people. This means that if no concrete action will be taken, this negative dynamics will undoubtedly continue.

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